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I'm Your Buddy.

In the spring of 2021, Megu Entertainment will be reborn as a company that focuses on communication design, including advertising and public relations.


We contribute to the success of our clients by staying close to them, identifying what they need, proposing all kinds of communication methods to solve their problems, and implementing one-stop services.


We want to be

an essential agency,

a partner, and

an irreplaceable colleague for our client's success by building a new organization while utilizing the experience we have gained over the past 10 years.


We call ourselves Professional Buddy®, and we are committed to solving our clients' problems with a strong sense of purpose.

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What We Do

To solve our client’s problems, we do not limit our output, but thoroughly consider what the best solution is.


Starting with an analysis of the target audiences’ behavior, we explore and propose solutions to problems through all means, including World Wide Web, Social Network Services, celebrity exposure, TV commercials, various video/visual expressions, events, public relations, music production, printed materials, out-of-home advertisement, retail sales, sales promotion tools, direct mailing, word-of-mouth media, UX -User eXperience-, logos and other creative material, technology-based experiential measures, magazines, and newspapers.


To achieve this, in addition to our highly experienced employees, we have expanded our human resource network for one-stop execution by welcoming advertising professionals who have rich experiences at major advertising agencies and award-winning video directors as internal consultants and external alliance partners.






Branding and Advertising Business

We maximize the value of the experience through the point of contact between the company, brand, and the consumer.

We also secure spots for TV and magazines.To create an "Aha! That's the way to do it!” experience, we will make the best out of the network of our team members who have worked at major advertising agencies.

Commercials Production, Film Production, TV/Web Program Production

We produce high-quality commercials with high cost-per-value performance with our team members, who are award-winning video directors.We also produce web-based broadcasting programs, which are in high demand

these days.

Public Relations

In addition to planning and executing press conferences with releases to media, we can also help you with “buzz” or “go viral” planning to maximize your exposure.

Event and Live Production

We can plan and produce not only offline events such as large-scale events, live events, audience-attracting events, and seminars, but also complex events that combine “real” and digital elements.


We handle the booking and casting of celebrities and artists. We have a wealth of experience in booking not only in Japan but also in South Korea. Because we have a lot of experience in this field due to our strong ties with South Korea, we are proud to say that we are the one and only contact point in Japan for casting Japanese actors, actresses, and celebrities for movies and other entertainment in South Korea.




Last year, Megu Entertainment celebrated its 10th anniversary. We would like to thank all of you for making this possible.

Thank you very much. My appreciation from the bottom of my heart.

And with this milestone, I have set a new goal.

That goal is to become a "buddy" for our clients.
To become a “buddy,” in other words, to become your one and only partner, I thought it would be necessary to work with our clients from the early phase of discovering corporate issues and propose solutions.

For this reason, in addition to our reliable employees who have worked hard with us to this date, we have welcomed a new team member who is a specialist in the advertising industry, and we have revamped our organization so that we can provide one-stop solutions in all fields.


The environment around us is continuously changing.“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives.
It is the one that is most adaptable to change.”This is my favorite quote originated from Charles Darwin.

We want to adapt to changes and stay with our clients.

It would be our greatest happiness if we could share the words and joy of “I’m your Buddy” with our clients by contributing to the success of our clients and by putting in our never-ending efforts.


I'm your Buddy.


Megumi Someya


Corporate Information

NAME     Megu Entertainment Co.,Ltd

CEO        Megumi Someya

ADDRESS  4F 3-29-3 Jingumae, 

                      Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0001 Japan

TEL         +81-3-6453-7943


韓国支社     메구 엔터테인먼트 주식회사

        Megu Entertainment Inc.

ADDRESS       서울특별시 강남구 영동대로 602,

        6층 브이346(삼성동, 삼성동 미켈란 107)

        V 346(Michelan 107), 6F,

        Young Dong daero 602,

        Gangnamgu ,Seoul

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